Thursday, April 11, 2013

una cerveza por favor

After having a sneak peak of a vacation this past weekend
Matt & I were so ready to book our May getaway
A week away 
- beach - pool - palm trees - drink in my hand - my fave guy -

Through our research + previous trips, we decided Mexico would be the place to go..
We found a resort that was to both our likings + budget.
I am so looking forward to buying some caribbean appropriate clothes
Unplugging, with a capital U + not looking at a computer screen for a WHOLE week.
What is that even like?!
I'm hoping it will be amazing.

Oh Mexicooooooo, I cannot wait.

Monday, April 8, 2013

48 Hours in Montreal

Matt & I had talked of a trip to Montreal for years
The Bruins are a team we both love
With their rivals just a 5-6 hour drive north
It seemed like the best way to see a city + a guaranteed good game.
We rotated driving 2.5-3 hours each, which worked out great.

We were there for about 48 hours
It was quick but it was plenty of time to see the city
We stayed here
It was convenient 
Just a short walk to the Bell Centre, downtown + Old Montreal.

Remember my last post when I said I hoped it would be cold?
Well, I got my wish
It was really cold + windy
That coat didn't leave me all weekend.
It only seemed appropriate that it was cold though, it is Canada after all.

A few of my favorite things;
Old Montreal; specifically Notre Dame + the restaurants on St. Paul Street
Everyone was unbelievably friendly (even when we wore our Bruins shirts)
The hotel's sauna-- thank the lord for that.
McGill University
The shopping.

We had a blast at the game
Even though the Bruins didn't come home with a W.

The city was a perfect mix of old euro + modern north america
There are talks of us making it an annual weekend trip..
But it definitely has me itching to see more of Canada;
The islands, Vancouver + Toronto are all on my must see list!

-- P.S. pretty sure it's impossible hate any city 
that sells Bueno Bars + Crunchies this side of the Atlantic --


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sayonara March

I didn't mean to abandon this place..
Sometimes I prefer to shut the computer & just be
(I can hear my mom laughing out loud-- "ha ya right")

But April is here, woo!
I am so happy to say sayonara to March
They always say "in like a lion out like a lamb"
But honestly, this past March was WAY more lion.
April always seems to bring a "new" feeling
Maybe it's just me
Since last April I received a phone call with a job offer
But the daffodils peeking through the soil, that fresh spring air
April screams new beginnings.

So the end of March / beginning of April
You could find me...

New sunglasses with a bit of my tax return
+ A new amazing coat find
Even though the warm weather is upon us this JCrew Collection coat was SO happening.
I'm secretly hoping Canada will be cold this weekend so I can wear it :)

Running + Snapping
I always seem to stumble across great photo ops when I'm running
My garmin gets paused for photo stops frequently
(Tell me I'm not the only one who does this)
I also realized that I am signed up for a race-a-month April till July.
I'm excited to be back in the game. Yay!

Baking + Making
The lemon tarts I shared a few weeks ago
They were a big Easter hit
I definitely recommend the recipe although time consuming!
I ended up buying my own set of mini tart pans
So I'm eager to try new tart recipes. On my radar: raspberry!
My quinoa obsession has spun back to an all time high
When I'm left alone for dinner too many nights in a row
(Matt isn't a quinoa fan)
I go to my staple of quinoa, chicken sausage + vegetables.

Evidence of my time away from the computer
A latte with Jenna on a Saturday morning
Dinner + a movie with Matt on a Saturday night

Having little kids in the house meant coloring eggs!
I haven't done that in years..
Matt & I went to ONE Easter
While we missed my family
It was nice for this four Thanksgivings four Christmases couple
To park ourselves on the couch after all that ham.
(Plus that's cutie me easter morning circa 1992)

Monday, March 25, 2013


This weekend our house was filled with squeals of excitement
Birthdays are a big deal
Seeing it through the eyes of a five year old, it's a WAY bigger deal.

Jaiden's the one who every morning when I come downstairs says 
"good morning my beautiful Lindsay"
& then compliments every article of clothing I have on
melt. me. into. a. puddle.
She's the one who happily shares everything with her sister
Who makes sure Matt & Lola are included in every outing
Who reminds me to "be careful" every time I am chopping something in the kitchen
& The one who provides us endless dinner time entertainment 
i.e. whatever song she learned that day at school.

So we decided to make it special
For a girl who so simply requested chocolate cake with white frosting
With balloons + a cake made with sisters love
a kazoo tied to her present + hot pink glitter toms
+ a scavenger hunt throughout the house to find all her presents.

Jaiden said it best of all just before she blew out her candle
"I can't stop smiling"

balloon cake idea // via martha stewart

Don't ever stop smiling cutie!